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Raynes Park

Matchplay 2005

The Raynes Park Matchplay tournament, which was originally started by our former treasurer, Tom Farr,  is an event that we play in the summer season between leagues but gives the kids something to play for.  

This year it was run on the basis of a double elimination matchplay which the kids thoroughly enjoyed, and as is always the case with our home events,  the whole thing is run on a handicap basis so every-one stands a chance of coming home with the trophies at the end of the day.

So, at the end of all the knock-out rounds we were down to a step ladder final from 4th place upwards.

The first of these saw Mark, in 4th place, take on Sam I.    Mark ran out the winner of this match so went on to play Dan Barr who had been in form all day.  Dan continued his good form with a 213 scratch game which Mark just couldnt match, so Dan went into the final to play Andy Crook,  who had been bowling consistently above his average all day.

Unfortunately for Andy his nerves just got the better of him, and the break waiting for his turn to bowl again didnt help.  Nevertheless Dan managed an impressive 184 game, 216 with handicap, to come out the deserved winner of this years title.  So congratulations all round to Dan Barr. 



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