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Poole Trios


This year Norwich became Poole, much to my own personal relief because Norwich always seems to be such a long journey home.

This is the first time this event has been run, and it was both well run and well supported.

Anyway, we didnt have too many juniors taking part in this, the first event of the 2006/07 season,  but we all enjoyed ourselves.

Several good performances again.

A great 245 game saw Elliot on the way to a 205 average over the 8 games, closely followed by Sarah.

Good performances also from Cydney (179 average) and Victoria C (175 average) ensured good points for these two young bowlers for the future.

Not to be outdone, Jamie managed a great 210 game, and Mike, inspired as usual at tournaments, shot a 221 game.  Amazing.

In Division A, Sarah's team finished in third place,  and in Division B Elliot's team came top of the shop.

Elliot 241, 220, 206, 235
Sarah 225, 227
Mike 221
Jamie 210
Victoria 216
Cydney 203, 196, 192
Ashley 193, 190
Aaron 192
Vicki 191


Look out Sunderland, we are coming !






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