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Wolverhampton Open

November 2005

Well, what a controversy this event was.  When we first arrived we were told that due to an "administration error" we would be playing 3 to a lane, but following a protest, this was reduced to 2 to a lane as the rest of the tournament had been played.   It wasnt until after the last day of the event that the whole tournament was declared nul and void, although we are all still waiting to see the results of the protest letters sent in. 

However, our players put in some outstanding performances, whether the results stand or not.

Most amazing of all was Isobel who was bowling 9 games for the first time ever.  She not only managed all 9 games, but in the process bowled her highest game to date of 106 and only narrowly missed her pb series as well.

Elliot was amazing, he averaged a massive 205 on the day,  easily taking top spot in Division E.

Cydney too played well over her average to finish on a 168 average and finished a well deserved 2nd spot in her division, with Victoria not too far behind in 9th place

Emma  started off in great form, although tailed off a little in the last few games,  but in the top division Sarah bowled a 194 average to finish just outside the money in 4th place, with Vicky on a 190 average not far behind in 8th place.

Helen and Simon both played well on the day, but struggled with consistency by the end of what became a very long and tiring day.

Its just a crying shame that the great efforts may not result in our well deserved points though



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