Vicky and Sarah


Ryan, baffled by it all as it is his first Christmas with us

Girls in a huddle

Raffle prizes for the kids

some of the committee.....

Helen and Victoria


Sarah and Vicky ....hope it was a good joke

Simon, his first Christmas and I dont think he knew what had hit him. Hopefully he enjoyed it at least

Getting into the swing

Awww cute

That can only be our Jamie

Parents tried to show the kids how to do it

Well, we enjoyed it

Geoff showing us all how it is done


Sarah and Oli

Sarah...without Oli.....

Andy, drinking coffee he said

Raffle prizes

Isobel with the raffle prizes....

The hamper, which helped us raise more than £500 ! brill

The general pandemonium

Cydney and Victoria

Cydney and Victoria again


I do like that shirt Cydney

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