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Scratch Leagues


To add a little interest to our league play, the kids scores also count towards a separate scratch league that we run.    This gives them all a little added incentive to bowl well.  It is an optional scratch event, but in practise almost all the kids take part and it is roughly divided into two leagues, based on previous league averages, with last years winner from the Sharks automatically being "promoted" to the Big Boys "Barracudas".  These then are the final league standings.


Barracudas League
David 77  
John 72  
Aaron 70  
Sarah 67  
Sam 66.5  
Mark 64  
Jason 63.5  
Emma 58  
Vicky 57  
Elliot 39.5  
Daniel A 23.5  
Sharks League
Daniel B 85
Ashley 84
Cydney 82.5
Victoria C 76
Francesca 76
Sam 56.5
Jamie 49
Andy 36
Mike 29.5
Natasha 12


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