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South of England Open 2006


The South of England is one of the tournaments in the calendar which are almost local to us, and we usually have plenty of success.  This year would prove to be no exception.

We were really pleased to welcome both Ryan and Natasha to our merry band of tournament bowlers, both making this event their introduction to junior tournament bowling.  I understand both really enjoyed themselves, so hopefully they will be back for more.

On a sadder note, Emma joined us for the last time as she has decided to give her bowling a rest for a while.  Hopefully she will be back soon,

So, with new shirts we were ready for the lanes.  Great results with several pbs recorded, Mike in particular seems to be inspired by tournament conditions and bowled really well. 

So on to the results.


Dan B - 1st Senior boys  (Handicap)

Cydney - 1st Intermediate Girls (Scratch)

Vicky - 1st Senior Girls (Scratch)

Sarah - 1st Graduate Girls (Scratch)



Victoria C and Elliot - 1st Junior boys (Scratch)

Vicky & Sarah - 1st Graduate Girls (Scratch)


All Events

Elliot - 2nd Junior boys (Scratch)

Victoria C - 3rd Junior girls (Scratch)

Cydney - 1st Intermediate Girls (Handicap)

Vicky - 2nd Senior Girls (Scratch)

Sarah - 3rd Graduate Girls (Scratch)







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